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13 Lines on "The Planet Suite": "The Planet Suite" is a tour de force of memory, mythology and astronomy. "The Planet Suite" is "A work of genius" - Rhys Hughes. "The Planet Suite" is "the course for the future" - Brian Aldiss. "The Planet Suite" takes the reader on a whistle stop tour across the planets and bodies of the solar system. "The Planet Suite" is a concept and collection of myths, ideas and speculation. "The Planet Suite" is the definitive Slipstream novel. "The Planet Suite" is "highly recommended" - Tony Lee. "The Planet Suite" was the first published novel for British Fantasy Award winner Allen Ashley. "The Planet Suite" has long been out of print and only available for inflated sums online. "The Planet Suite" is a fractal novel consisting of short segments for each major planet. "The Planet Suite" is a unique artefact. "The Planet Suite" is an essential addition to your bookshelf. "The Planet Suite" is now available in this expanded, improved, authorised edition.

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