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The Caucasian Shepherd/Caucasian Ovcharka is not suitable for everyone as a family pet! The Caucasian Shepherd is mostly used for guarding purposes and for large commercial estates, the Military and the prison. The application of this dog can be ascribed to its strong willed, ferocious and fearless nature. It is also very loyal and will protect anything and anyone it considers his family, including other dogs, children and even cats. But know that it will attack everyone else. This may include friends of your children and any guests who may visit you. This dog is not for anyone who is planning to get a dog for the very first time. This is for those experienced dog lovers who have the time, passion and expertise to tame, train and socialize this aggressive breed. The Caucasian Shepherd will be happy if and when he can do the job he is born and trained to do, i.e. to guard and protect.If you have cared well for this dog, had it well socialized, put in a lot of patience and attention in his training, then you can expect him to be highly loyal and devoted, giving you a complete peace of mind. You need to know that this dog is a working breed and needs to have a guarding job to keep him busy. They are now increasingly being owned by people to guard their property. It is for those people, who have decided to buy the Caucasian Shepherd as a pet/to guard their property that this book is most suitable for as the book clearly mentions all the negatives about owning a Caucasian Shepherd...
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