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Jerome K. Jerome is an English humorist best known for his book "Three Men in a Boat" and its sequel "Three Men on the Bummel." Jerome tried his hand at a number of professions ranging from acting, writing, and journalism, but nothing seemed to fit. It wasn't until Jerome married his wife Ettie in 1888 that he found his inspiration. The two honeymooned on a small boat floating on the Thames River, and the trip inspired Jerome to think that he would create a serious travel guide. However, Jerome's wit undercut the travel guide aspect of the text, and he transformed it into a humorous adventure about three Englishmen. "Three Men in a Boat" was not received well by the upper class, who viewed the tale as vulgar and demeaning to English culture. However, the middle and lower classes related to the humor and experiences that the three men and their dog encountered while trying to go on vacation. "Three Men in a Boat" sold so many copies that Jerome wrote a sequel about a cycling tour in Germany, "Three men on the Bummel." While it was not as celebrated as the first novel due to its lack of a unifying story, many said that its humor surpassed its predecessor. Readers can enjoy both stories in this collection.

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