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Headline: When faith is all we have, we quickly learn that faith is all we need. Befriend Josh Dimaggio as his faith is tested and perfected through one of the most horrifying experiences a believer and father of two beautiful children could ever dream of enduring. The plot of this novel, based on a sequence of true events, is a breathtaking illustration of the supernatural strength living in a believer that can only be credited to the Lord God Almighty himself. Throughout this journey, you will learn the value and beauty of embracing the only one truly in control, living in a world where light obstinately attempts to penetrate the darkness through miraculous works. You will learn that God's promises are true simply because God said it. A Test of Faith is sure to induce an emotional roller coaster, leaving you with the assurance that we serve a living and loving God that is alive and with us in this world but certainly not of it. From political agenda to a fatally flawed justice system, God will show you that he protects his children, and when there is no way we can see in front of us, he will make a way. Brace yourself for a fast-paced emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey exemplifying the fullness of God's love for those who are faithful and trusting in him.
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