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I pray that my poetry will bless you in a way that will , help you to believe in your dreams, and in your life , I promise that it will give you hope to go through the thing's that god has already planed for you. It will encourage you to overcome hardship and pain. I know that at time's it might seem that no-one cares but trust me , there is someone who cares for you. If you really believe in your self and in your dreams I know that god will touch your heart through any thing you desire, or go trough. My book will bring tears and happiness. I hope that life will give you a chance the way it has me. I never gave up on my writings or my dreams. It has taken me along time to have some courage to go on .my book is very inspirational and full of love I can't express my self enough on how much it could heal you, and touch your life. Changes are the hardest to come by in this life today. Because what you become is what you can change in someone else's life some where. My book will give you trust in your own reason's to fight and to over come a lot. Even in some areas that my cause you to feel prisoner or incapable to succeed, to become a better person in life. May god bless you in my writings to give you hope to believe your worth something to someone some where. I pray my life experience will give you understanding to help you over come hurt and pain that has caused you any unhappiness. I know my book of poems will bring you some relief in your time of need, so ...

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