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Revelations of a Real Man (or Woman) is a short jaunt through the life of a man who has gained introspective on the choices he’s made as a son, brother, father, and husband. Some decisions bolstered his future, while others left his growth stagnant. This book will give you, the reader, insight on how God is still in the miracle-making business despite our many shortcomings.The author traverses through the quandary of losing a loved one, divorce, amputation, parenting, and even finding love. While on this journey, the author learns that God’s infinite wisdom is the driving force behind his life’s mission. At the conclusion of each chapter is a “Character Challenge.” These challenges allow readers to transfer their thoughts on paper relevant to the theme of the moment, whether it is gifts you possess to help others, mistakes you have made and overcame, or recovery from a lingering illness. Sharing similar experiences is a unique feature of the book that grants a level of commonality between author and reader.Revelations of a Real Man is chock-full of quotes and scriptures designed to illuminate the darkness that encompasses our lives periodically and brings all into God’s magnificent light. It is an easy read that resonates with every genre, walk of life, and level of faith.
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