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LATEST NEWS! On June 21, 2019, "Shakespeare's Book of Wisdom" was selected as one of only 5 Finalist Award winners by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. The Indie Book Awards were given out at a ceremony at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC, coinciding with the American Library Association Annual Conference.Got wisdom? Want wisdom? Shakespeare's Book of Wisdom offers practical and profound advice for readers ages 15 to 115 from Shakespeare and dozens of other famous thinkers, writers, and artists. We all want to live lives filled with purpose and meaning. We want to make wise decisions that maximize our happiness and health. To do this, we must expose ourselves to the breadth of human wisdom available to us. Most people acknowledge the English author William Shakespeare as the world's greatest playwright. However, far fewer know that he's also one of history's wisest people. In unprecedented, almost miraculous ways, the Bard’s plays and poems continue to describe our shared human experience; he knows us better than we know ourselves. This book pairs Shakespeare’s timeless wisdom with that of other well-known advice-givers from Plato to Twain to C.S. Lewis and many more. Every one of the 60+ entries consists of a practical piece of advice, illustrated by a quote from Shakespeare (along with its plain-English "translation"), a quotation from another thinker, and a brief explanation by the author.
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